This is a page dedicated to executions by hanging  for the most part in Australia and New Zealand but will at times venture to the UK as that is where our Legal System originated from. It examines the roles of all the players, the Law, the clergy who attend the condemned, the condemned, the executioner who does the job, public attitudes to the whole act and the crimes that would get you in this most distasteful position in the first place.Australia with its beginning as a penal colony means our history is inextricably linked to Hangings, the first one took place just on the one month since arriving at Sydney Cove, with a steady rate of customers for the executioner to deal with through to 1957.This blog will by no means be a chronological list of hangings, it will endeavor to have a series of firsts, there will be at times tales of hangings gone right and gone wrong and information about the Men who did the job.For the first twenty five years of Australia’s history there was no newspapers, and the information about various hanging will come from written accounts of various witness’s. From 1803 onwards the information will be gleaned from newspaper accounts of the events.

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  1. That’s a ridiculously specific, yet peculiar, idea for a blog, but I like it…

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