Aautrefois convict

Formerly convicted.In criminal law. A plea by a criminal in bar to an indictment that he has been formerly convicted of the same identical crime.

Law Dictionary: What is AUTREFOIS CONVICT? definition of AUTREFOIS CONVICT (Black’s Law Dictionary)


A hood can be white or black, the purpose of which is to either protect the witness’s of the ugliness of the prisoners dead contorted face once hung or to provide one sliver of dignity/privacy to the dead prisoner. Usually only removed at the post-mortem.          


A structure, typically of two uprights and a crosspiece, for the hanging of criminals. Usually erected within a prisons walls.


Dated (in business letters) of the current month : your letter of the 6th instant.


A rounding up and counting of People, be they Convicts of Free men Military and Government Official, this would be a event that would happen every two years in the formative years of the Colony. In 1828 it officially became known as a Census.


Restrain or immobilize (someone) by tying up or holding their arms or legs. Usually the arms being fastened above the elbows behind the prisoner. Sometimes the legs are strapped together with a short belt.


A raised wooden platform used formerly for the public execution of criminals.


The hinged doorway in the floor that falls away when the bolt holding it in place is drawn by the hangman.


Dated (in business letters) of the last month : your letter of the 6th ultimo.


A club like weapon used  by the indigenous of Australia for close range battles (to brain you)

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